I Love You, Lord. You Are My Strength.

“I love You, Lord; You are my strength.”
– ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭18:1‬‬ NLT

Dear Lord, I praise Your name and I just want to take a minute to thank You for the strength You provide. I turn to You daily to ask You for a little more.
Sometimes I wonder if others are as needy as I am in this department.

I’m not strong enough to face my storms alone.
I can’t find the courage within myself to fight my battles on my own.
I’m too weak to break free from things that are tearing me apart.
And every once in a while… I don’t even think that I have the strength to go on anymore.
But every time I turn to You – every single time I plead, “Give me strength, Lord. I need Your strength.”
– I find my burdens become a little bit lighter.
– I lift my head a little bit higher.
– I feel your strength flowing through me.
– And I KNOW I’m going to make it through this time, because I have You by my side.

So thank You.
I love you, Lord.
You are my strength.
Amen ❤️

He is the God Who Makes Me Strong

“He is the God who makes me strong, who makes my pathway safe.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭18:32‬ ‭GNT‬‬

Our paths won’t always be free of obstacles, but He will guide us through safely.
Our lives will never be completely trouble-free, but He will arm us with the strength to prevail.
Our journey may seem littered with potholes and roadblocks, and we may even begin to question if this is really the road that God intended us to travel.

This verse reminds us of three key things:
He is God. This is all under His control. And He wants the best for us, who love Him.
He gives us strength. And power. And victory. We can overcome any obstacle with the strength that He provides.
He makes our pathways safe. He guides us and delivers us. He helps us navigate through the trials and tribulations. Even when it looks like there’s no way – He MAKES a way.

When I think that I’m not strong enough, and I’m tempted to stop moving forward on my journey, I will pray:

Thank you, Lord, for arming me with Your strength and then aiming me in the right direction. I love you, Lord, and I will follow Your path for all the days of my life! ❤️ Amen